Consulting Stanco

We are a specialized consulting 
agency on the world of white
art, dedicating ourselves to the
research and development
of raw materials. In simplifying
work by offering quality and
service, in enhancing the Gourmet

Natura Flour 

A project curated by Consulting Stanco,  
in the creation of a high quality "Natural" 
product, which thanks to the co-branding 
collaboration with Molini Pizzuti, has given 
life to the "Professional Line", a line of 
medium and long leavening products. 
A product tested and edited directly by
 the Master Technical Consultant 
Maurizio Stanco. Guaranteeing quality, 
consistency, simplifying work, in
 achieving one's goals, without having
 to give up the scent and flavor of the past.

Our mission

Listening, the customer 
is our priority, offering
allows us to reach our
goal together. In
taking care of the
customer and the consumer.

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