Piattaforma Web App per il settore Pizzeria/Pub/Panifico/Pasticceria/Pizzaiolo

Web App 

The First Web App Platform, patented,  to take care of Your Pizzeria, capable 
of calculating the costs of your pizza, 
and obtaining a preview of your 
turnover forecast. Pizza Food Cost - 
 More Earnings, Less Expenses

Pizza Food Cost  online 

Head Technical
Maurizio Stanco

Pizza Food Cost , a project created by the Technical Consultant 
Maurizio Stanco, we are officially online. 
For all those who own a pizzeria and
 who are Pizzaioli, thanks to the Platform, 
PizzaFoodCost you will be able to take
 care of your Pizzeria..! Visit the site and
 sign up. Follow us on the social profiles,
 " PizzaFoodCost" Technical Consultant 
Manager Maurizio tired